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Physiotherapy News & Articles

Physiotherapy News & Articles

1st February 2017
pain pelvic

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain (often termed pelvic girdle pain) is predominantly related to women of  childbearing age, often during or after pregnancy. It is common for most women […]
28th September 2016
sports training

Training Principles

What is fitness? Muscular strength – what is the maximum can you lift, push or pull.
26th September 2016
shoulder pain

Got shoulder pain? Have you got impingement? AKA sub acromial impingement

  What the heck is that? The correct term (there is a new one every year it seems!) is sub acromial pain syndrome. It refers to […]
22nd September 2016
sports injury ankle

How to avoid an injury when training

Answer: Get stronger and move well! Obviously this would be a pretty short article if it finished there.  So let me elaborate. Injuries generally happen when […]