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Physiotherapy News & Articles

Physiotherapy News & Articles

19th September 2017

Sports Physiotherapy in Macclesfield: What Does It involve?

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a sports injury, then you will probably be told that you need to see a “sports physiotherapist”. In […]
31st August 2017

How Pilates Classes can help with Cycling

Cycling seems to be one of the most popular sports for people to partake in as a hobby these days. Perhaps it is down to the […]
29th August 2017

Stretches to help you relieve your upper back pain

Nobody wants to deal with pain, but we know from experience that it is highly likely that most people will have to deal with neck, shoulder […]
25th August 2017

Things You Need to Know Before You Take Pilates Classes

Pilates is a great exercise routine to undertake as it offers you a lot of benefits body wise. It can help you to focus on your […]