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Pilates Classes FAQ

Have you read about Pilates, but really don't know what to expect or if it’s for you?
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.


1“Is it just for young people?”
No, it is suitable for everyone. In fact our youngest class member is 15 and our oldest class member is 75
2“I am just a beginner, can I still do it?”
Yes, beginners are welcome! There are levels for all abilities so you can join in regardless of what you can/can’t do.
3“Can you cater for different levels of ability and how will I be assessed?”
Our classes are mainly mixed ability. You are welcome to join any class. However we do recommend that if you have an injury or have never done any class before that you book a 1:1 session before beginning. This enables you to give us a full history of your injury. We can then assess your injury and your ability and give you a bespoke programme meaning you will get more out of the classes.
4“What do I wear?”
Wear clothes that you are comfortable to exercise in. Most ladies wear some form of leggings but you can wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms if you prefer. For the guys, most wear shorts but again wear what you are comfortable in. Whatever you choose to wear, just remember you will be moving a lot, and might get a bit hot and sweaty!
5“Is there somewhere I can get changed?”
Yes. We have 2 large toilet/change areas where you can get changed ready for the class.
6“Where do I leave my things (bag, purse, coat etc)?”
We have a boxed shelving unit. It is in the studio so your valuables will be safe during class. Pick one for the class and it’s yours.
7“What if i want to ask a question in class?”
The stupidest question is the one that was never asked! Ask away, we’ll do our best to answer your questions before, during or after a class.
8“What if i can’t do an exercise?”
It's ok not to do something you're not comfortable with - everyone is different and have different ranges of movement and stamina etc. Your instructor will be able to guide you and suggest an alternative or a modified exercise.
9“Will I be the only man?”
We have at least one man in 5 out of our 10 classes currently, so it depends which class you come to!
10“Could I actually do it, am I not too old?”
As long as you can get up and down from a mat on the floor fairly easily then there is no age limit for our classes. We will ask if you have any other health conditions, but as long as they are well controlled you are good to go!
11"Can I have a taster session?”
Yes, you are welcome to 1 free taster class, just give us a call on 01625 422825 or email us on
12“Do I need to bring anything like a mat?”
No, you just need to bring yourself. All equipment, mat etc is provided. At first you may not use anything else but there are various pieces of equipment that may be used as you get more confident and are happy to push yourself a little more. We have all those too!
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