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Running is growing in popularity as a sport in its own right, and it is easy to see why. Have you caught the running bug yet?

However, runners are one of the most frequently injured groups of people that we see at our Macclesfield clinic. In fact, statistics show that if you run more than 20 miles a week, their risk of injury will be between 50% to 85%.

If you think about it, not all of us are designed like Mo Farah. Running is a skill believe it or not. Some of us have a natural technique, some of us may not. However either group can get pain due to the repetitive nature of running. A small issue can be amplified as you run, think how many steps you take on a run? Also, as you run for longer distances you may get more fatigued, and your technique may change.

We want to provide you with all the tips and tricks we know to help keep you running pain free for longer

We offer you a consultation which will include movement screening, strength and flexibility testing and run gait analysis where we video and assess how you run on a treadmill. You generally don’t think how you run, so being able to show you visually is a great tool. It also means we can use software to really illustrate to you anything that we see. We can then give you verbal cues to alter it. You haven’t got to relearn to run!

Following your screening we will be able to tailor a run specific strength and conditioning programme for you with additional run retraining as necessary. Runners love to run, but often don’t do any strength or conditioning work. You may ask why is this important? Well a study by Lauerson in 2014 showed that strength training at least twice a week can reduce the incidence of run related overuse injuries by up to 50%.

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