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26th September 2018
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What everyone with a scoliosis needs to know about how to stay pain free.

Do you have a scoliosis?

Find out how scoliosis treatment and rehab is possible. It won’t probably change the look of the curve your but it will get rid of symptoms!

What is a scoliosis?

A scoliosis is a rotation or twist of the bones in our spine (vertebrae). If you look at someone’s spine from behind,  rather than a straight line from the neck to the bottom you may see that the line of the spine moves off to one side at some point.

There tends to be a concave side (like a cave) and a convex or bowed side.  Depending on the degree of your scoliosis, on the concave side things can get a bit more pressure and on the convex side things get a bit more stretched. Read more about different types of scoliosis.

Who gets a scoliosis?

It is normal for many of us to have a scoliosis.  Unless it is a huge one, which is normally picked up when we were a teenager, then it shouldn’t cause you too much bother as an adult unless you…..

  • Do no exercise
  • Have a sedentary job
  • Worry about it

If any of these things happen then it can lead to discomfort and pain, and that makes us feel frustrated, low in our mood and simply quite simply, rubbish.

All is not lost!

Here is a quote from someone who has a scoliosis, he just so happens to be the fastest man in history, Usain Bolt.

Image result for usain bolt scoliosis

And he speaks the truth! You CAN do something about it, with scoliosis treatment and rehab!

Is it my posture?

Posture continues to be a hot topic. The best way to think about your posture is this; The worst posture is the one you are in the longest.  Just read that again and mull it over. Essentially it doesn’t matter too much what your posture is, as long as you are not in it 100% of the time!

So what should I do?

Well there’s a great phrase that sums it up Motion is lotion! Our bodies love movement. It’s how we maintain the range of movement in our joints, the flexibility in our muscles and if we challenge the muscles it’s how we maintain strength.  So if you stop moving around much, that’s a problem!

Your 3 Step Starter Plan 

  1. Get moving, do anything, just move and put your spine through all the movements it should be able to achieve. Bend it, twist it, arch it, gradually at first and then further as you are happy to.
  2. Do something that gets you out of breath.  Getting your ribs moving, where they attach onto your spine is a great way to reduce symptoms. Walk briskly, cycle, run, swim, dance.  As long as you are out of breath it will help!
  3. Stop worrying! We have seen thousands of people with a scoliosis.  Far too often we have heard that when you have initially been told you have a scoliosis, a bleak picture has been painted for you.  We are not going beat around the bush here, that is absolute rubbish!

So listen to Usain and listen to us, you CAN do something about it with scoliosis treatment and rehab exercise. Check out our truth about back pain article.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with pain from a scoliosis why not give us a call.  Treatment combined with rehab plan really can work wonders!


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