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I tried Hogan and Mitchell Physiotherapy after multiple visits to my work place Health Centre and NHS physios. I had suffered repeat lower back pain problems for years and had began to accept that the damage was permanent. At the initial assessment, Ross Mitchell gave me an accurate diagnosis with a clear indication of the true root cause. From this point onwards the remedial work has removed all aches and pains (in a very short space of time) and made me conscious of posture and lift technique. I now have the confidence to take on heavy manual tasks without concern. I have to say that this has been the most comprehensive and professional services I have ever come across. M Rawles

Just a thank you for the treatment I received over the past three months. After the surgery in my shoulder, I had very significant pain and very limited movement with no strength in my arm. I had tried other physiotherapists in the past and found them to be limited to heat pads and a bit of a “rub & massage” type of treatment with no real benefits. They also would recommend several costly session per week and after several weeks I would not be any better. However the treatment I received from Hogan & Mitchell was different from anything I had received in the past. You guys treated the injury scientifically and explained all the inner workings of the joint and cause of pain / limited movement before you even attempted treatment – I loved this as I’m an consulting engineer and appreciated the technical application. You then recommended weekly sessions and included specific exercises and treatments even providing me with specifics home exercises that did not involve expensive equipment. I was treated as a professional by a professional! After just 6 weeks, I’m pain free and sleeping on the shoulder with full movement. Thanks for the professional service, W Wilson

I started physiotherapy with Simon after suffering months of lower back pain and severe coccyx pain. After assessing my movement and strength he was able to quickly pinpoint the issue. He recommended several exercises, habit changes and a treatment plan to strengthen my core, back and legs. At each session I made progress and after finishing my treatment I am close to pain free for the first time in over a year, and feel confident I can keep going with the progress made so far. I have also been attending Simon’s pilates sessions which are helping to maintain the strength I have gained and help keep my back healthy. I have found Simon to be very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hogan and Mitchell to anyone requiring physiotherapy or wishing to attend pilates classes. L Ball

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Sarah Teagle
16:09 05 Jan 18
I've visited Simon at Hogan & Mitchell twice now and have been very impressed. I had a consultation that lasted an hour where he analysed the way I moved, my injury etc and I felt a thorough diagnosis was made with good advice on what to do to speed my recovery. My recovery has worked really well and according to the timescales he predicted. He also did not do, what I hate about other physios, which is treating two people at once and just sticking you on an ultrasound machine whilst they visit the other person. He also didn't try and convince me I needed a course of treatment at £40 a go which I've had with other physios as he said that I should be fine if I followed the prescribed exercises but to come back if I needed it. Simon also followed up with a phone call to check how I was doing which was much appreciated.read more
J Kendrick
19:31 14 Feb 18
I played competitive sports in my 20’s and have been treated by various Physios during this time.I can confidently say Hogan and Mitchell are a very good practice.Over the last 3 years I have been treated by Simon on several occassions, as well as attend his group pilate classes, and he is very good at what he does.Their online booking system makes it very easy to arrange an appointment.read more
john rhodes
07:49 28 Jan 18
Very good Practice, friendly but also professional. I followed up a consultation and joined a Pilates class.If you have any issues relating to sore backs and stiffness this is the practice to use. I have tried others in Macclesfield and have not had the same help that I have had from Simon and Ross.read more
Barbara Nugent
18:27 09 Jan 18
A great healing experience. Ross helped identify what was happening and it was all plain sailing after that. Thanks Ross for helping me towards getting back on track.read more
Ali Sims
16:34 01 Jan 18
Not only has Simon fixed my IT band injury, he has also transformed the way I run and I have enjoyed plenty of pain free runs over the festive period. I'd not hesitate to go back if I had any further problems.read more
Michael Cooke Cooke
17:18 21 Mar 18
Was in lower back pain when went to Hogan & Mitchell but within a few days of advised routines, became easier and within 2 weeks was normal. Detailed understanding and explanations of the problem and treatment enabled rapid recovery and return to active, pain free activities. Highly recommended.read more
Liz Emery
18:34 19 Apr 18
I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years and always found even simple gardening jobs almost impossible due to the resulting pain, stiffness and discomfort. However, since starting Simon's Pilates class I am virtually pain free. This was highlighted to me recently when I dug out heavy clay soil and laid patio bricks without any repercussions, something which would not have happened a year ago.Thanks to Pilates ( & Simon) I can now carry on doing jobs which had become impossible.read more
Philip Jenkinson
15:23 23 May 18
I have recently completed a 10 week strength and conditioning programme with Simon, after a long period of suffering aches, pains, niggles and general lethargy. I highly recommend Simon Hogan to any runners out there who have struggled with injury or want to push themselves to the next level.Simon listened to the struggles I had been experiencing in my running and explained the best course of action to get me back to where I wanted to be.The programme was tailored to my needs and has been extremely effective. I feel much stronger and more confident to push myself harder during running.Thank you Simon - I'm sure that new PBs will follow shortly!Phil.read more
Mark O'Shea
06:12 13 Jul 18
I originally went to Hogan & Mitchell as my right shoulder was stiffening up and I was in pain. I had an initial 1hour consultation with Ross Mitchell to ascertain whether I had a frozen shoulder as I felt I had all the symptoms of such as I’d had a frozen left shoulder some years ago. Ross was very welcoming and reassuring that he was there to help and after an examination of my range of movement determined a course of action to confirm whether it was a frozen shoulder or not (which after a number of sessions it was). What I was most impressed with was that Ross genuinely cared about my overall health and well-being. He felt he could give me some advice in another area I needed to address namely my weight. He showed a genuine interest in me, my past lifestyle, what I tried before and what had worked and what hadn’t. He definately motivated me to address my weight and introduced me to not a faddy diet but a change of lifestle regime built around the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) principles. That initial consultation went on for over 2 hours because it needed to and by the end I felt fully enlightened. Over the next 3 sessions whilst monitoring the progress of my frozen shoulder we used the time to discuss the health regime. Ross has provided me a lot of information, links, recipes and closed off with good reasons all the ‘excuses’ I was using not to address my weight. I’m delighted to say that I started 11 days ago and I’ve already lost 18lbs which I no longer have to carry around!Ross I’d like to thank you for genuinely caring and going beyond the bounds of my shoulder which brought me too you. It may be your character and skill set but I assure you in today’s society it is a rare trait to talk to a complete stranger, gain their confidence so quickly and guide them onto a new path you knew would work. Your continued support is very much appreciated, thanks!read more
Mark Poulton
14:57 03 Aug 18
Thanks to Simon how checked my foot over and gave me some great advice which my doctor didn't. Thanks again
Alison Carey
12:59 10 Nov 18
Simon really helped me with some sharp knee pain I was having through running - all through lack of stability and strength from my hips to my knees (contrary to just having ‘short’ quads which was what I had previously been told). The exercises I was given really helped.read more
Jonny Bee
13:51 20 Dec 18
Fantastic. Ross explained TMJ disorder to me, and the way out of it, better than any dentist I've seen, including a consultant!read more
Tom Yates
15:11 29 Apr 19
Fantastic, thorough and knowledgable. Solved my back problem in a couple of visits.
Mark Kelly
15:43 19 Jun 19
Went to see Simon with a knee problem. He was able to quickly and accurately identify the root cause of the problem and the exercises he gave me have a made a huge difference. Really nice guy to boot! Highly recommended.read more
Steve Stokes
17:40 09 Jul 19
Ross and his team were excellent cant fault the professionalism and dedication to there job. Never had to have physio before, but made it actually enjoyable getting me straight back to fighting fitness again. Also my mind set is for the better. Thanks guysread more
Neil Gunn
14:20 05 Aug 19
I came along to see Ross @ Hogan & Mitchell as a runner with a problem of worsening 'plantar fasciitis'. From arriving I could sense that my experience was going to be 'different' - Ross and I spent a lot of time talking about why I was having the problem and what I needed to do (change) to help improve the situation. As a runner the last thing I wanted was to stop running and Ross helped me to continue training whilst undertaking a program of strength and resistance work at the gym. Ross promised no 'quick fix' but after several weeks the results are there - I now understand more about the issue and feel empowered to resolve it myself. This was definitely a different experience but one I strongly recommend.read more
Tom Lancashire
16:38 13 Aug 19
Ross was amazing in helping me overcome a persistent injury that had plagued me for months, one that many other therapists had been struggled to help with. He's extremely thorough and enthusiastic when it comes to getting to the root of the problem, and was brilliant in educating me and keeping me informed every step of the way through the process, which was so crucial and appreciated. Would highly recommend!read more
Tim Williams
17:57 13 Aug 19
Fantastic in all regards. I saw Ross with patellar tendonitis. I’d hurt it several times through snowboarding and self-defence classes, and as a result had sharp pain and no confidence in the joint. Couldn’t negotiate stairs properly or even carry my kids to bed. Ross explained the issue and how to think about it differently. He created a gym routine for me that I swear lasted no longer than 30 mins and the results have bomb-proofed my knees. It used to feel as though my knees were jarring when I tried to do any sort of exercise. A few months later I’m now running 5-10K with ease.read more
Steve Stokes
17:40 09 Jul 19
Ross and his team were excellent cant fault the professionalism and dedication to there job. Never had to have physio before, but made it actually enjoyable getting me straight back to fighting fitness again. Also my mind set is for the better. Thanks guysread more
Jen Poulton
13:34 16 Oct 19
Simon helped my daughter go from pain in her knees unable to join in PE classes to no pain through giving her confidence and strength exercises. Changed her world. thank you!read more
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